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Inventory Control; Gift & Loyalty Cards; Employee Commissions
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Mobile Friendly POS Software

"Salon Frontdesk Booking on any device"

Your client leaves your salon looking radiantly beautiful. Ready to conquer the world. Convinced that you're terrific! But now the paperwork. The part you used to hate. Well, not anymore. With your new Unique Salon Software, you're in complete control of your salon - effortlessly. It's almost too good to be true. The Salon System asks a few questions, you fill in the blanks and there it is!

  • Accept offline or online bookings & optionally allow your clients to book online 24/7 - See View Demo

  • Service providers can optionally control their bookings on their Cell Phone & it will book on your frontdesk computer.

  • Also service providers can be link to all or only the services they provide.

  • Automatically remind your clients to come back for their next appointment.

  • Easily add the booking system as a booking button on your salon website or facebook page.


At Unique, simplicity is the mother of invention. We started out with a very simple idea. To make a Salon Software that has
lots of features, but very simple to use...So simple you don't have to keep one eye on the screen and one eye on the
instruction manual. So simple you don't need a degree in computer programming to operate it!

Everything you need to manage, grow your salon, send emails, send text messages & more!!! All the heavy lifting is already
done for you. Only get the version you need now...


Schedule Appointments the Easy Way...
Windows PC, ipad, iPhone, Android or Tablet

Unique Software allows you to schedule your client appointments the way you will like to. Either online or using your computer.-

  • Reduce no-shows with automated email and text (SMS) reminders. (Automatically sends a text message reminder the day before the next appointment. )
  • Automatically send "Appointment Text Message Confirmations."
  • Automatically send "Birthday" Text & Email greetings.
  • Automatically send new clients "Welcome" email messages.
  • Automatically send regular clients, "Thank You" email messages.
  • Automatically send "Haven't Seen You" messages to clients that have not returned.
  • Automatically have employees access their appointments on their smart phone.
  • Easily create specific salon promotions.

Booking appointments is fast & easy with Unique Software. Get started so you can Start sending Text message reminders today.

Add our integrated booking widget to your Facebook page and to your salon website. It will scroll along your webpages as your clients & visitors are on your website enabling them to book an appointment or to ask a question. See our "View Demo" sample button on the right. You will have a button like this, that will say "Make Appointment" or "Book Now" ... Really Cool

Mobile Friendly POS Software

Appointment Booking

  • Book Appointments with your iphone, iPad, Android phone or tablet 24/7

  • Display up-to-date availability per service in real time with any device.

  • Allows recurring appointments.

  • Booking Widget for your website & facebook page.

  • Optionally have your clients book on your website or facebook page. Use our free website booking widget.

  • Free Website with our booking engine built-in.

Sales Register

  • Fast client check-out, Records client services & Updates Inventory

  • Accepts Discounts & Coupons, Prints Sales Receipt, Does multiple employee/Client sales, plus custom pricing.

  • Tracks sales Tax, Displays & Prints Client History & Notes, Tracks client payments, Records who open the cash drawer. Tracks Employee Tips

  • Track Voids, Supports product charges, Accepts Gift Cards as payment, Updates employee productivity Accepts product Returns

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Client Tracking

  • Unlimited clients & Tracking, Chemical notes & History, Identifies services & retail purchases

  • Records Total spend, Identifies new clients & by specific services.

  • Pulls specific employee clients for marketing, Tracks client referrals, Prints Mailing Labels.

  • Password protect client phone #s & client addresses.

  • Tells you which clients has not returned & Who has a birthday for your special marketing promotions

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Inventory Control

  • Unlimited product items, Tracks Product Sales & Usage

  • Barcode ready & Prints Barcodes Labels, Tracks Backbar Items

  • Allows Items discounts, Assign products by vendor & Categories

  • Create purchase orders for accurate product ordering

  • Creates purchase orders by low inventory, closed purchase orders Automatically updates inventory

Gift/Loyalty Cards

  • Tracks gift certificate & Gift Cards by Barcode or Card Number & a Gift Card Expiration date can be specified.

  • Tracks purchaser and redeemer & Specify notes for each Gift Card/certificate.

  • Track loyalty rewards points automatically base on your client sales.

  • Reward your clients with point dollars when they reach a certain amount of spending during any given period.

Prepaid Spa Tracking

  • Tracks Prepaid Spa Packages; Tells the number of visits left

  • Date Stamp Expiration alert for packages. Gives unit usages.

  • Purchase & Redeem packages during checkout.

  • Works with tanning, massage, facial & facility usage

  • Meets tanning salon requirements. Excellent reporting so you can be up-to-date on things.

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More Amazing Features - From our hands to yours

Employee Commission Payroll

Unique Software payroll allows you to securely maintain employee information in one place, Calculates Employee Payroll commission, Federal & State Tax calculations, Automatic Deductions, Calculates Overtime & Tips, Prints payroll checks and pay stub Prints Tax reports-Period/Qtr/Year, IRS/STATE Tax tables, Prints Annual FUTA, 1099 & W-2, Calculates 401K, 940, 941 employer payroll portions including Fica/Medicare, Year-to-date Tax summary, Prints IRS Taxed owed

You are also able to obtain end of Week commission report; Individual commission calculation; Salary/Hourly pay; Overtime pay available; Employee Performance Totals; Handles employee tips; Add tips to commission report.

Check Book Register & Payment System

Easily organize your finances with our Bill Payment & Deposit Register System. Register & Pay all your bills; Enter Daily Deposits; Print Transaction Entries; Account Current Balance Adjustments; Hand written check adjustment function; Add accounting codes & Check Memo info; Stores all payees, Easy To Use Reporting, Prints MICR checks using plain check paper.

Employee Time Clock

The employee time clock module is a great tool for keeping track of hourly employees time worked. It's great for the receptionist and all other hourly workers.'Employee clock-in & Out; Calculates hours worked; Password protected for manager only editing, Employee can view time In/Out; Keeps a history of time In/Out; Gives a Time Total History & Detail Report.

PrePayments & Booth Rental Invoicing

This module allows you to setup prepayment accounts for your clients. They can then make a deposit on a future service. Prints account invoices. Keeps track of booth rental payments. Prints Rental invoices; Keeps a payment history; Payment Activity Report; End-Of -Year Totals

Employee & Tips

Keeps all your employee personal information securely in one place. Setup for payroll & Taxes; End of Week commission report; Individual commission setup; Salary/Hourly pay; Overtime pay available; Employee Performance Totals; Employees tip activity report; Handles employee tips; Add tips to commission report

Retention, Charts & Management Reports

Numerous Custom Reports; Period Reports by Day/Week/Monthly/Yearly; Customer Sales & Service reporting; Reports by specified date ranges; Client Retention; Sales & Service tax reports; Payroll Tax Reports; Payroll check Reports; Inventory Reports; Appointment Reports; Loyalty card Report; Sales Summary Report; Specific employee Sales; Daily Income Report; Client Referral Report; End-Of-day Over/Shortage reports; Reports by Day, Month, Qtr, Year; Reports by any user selectable period; very nice & Colorful 3d Graphs & Charts; Gives sales & performance graphs; Breaks down information by employee; Selects specified date ranges; Shows income by departments; Shows service productivity; Print Charts in 3D color; Export Chart Data total report.

Other Options & Add-Ons

The following tools & services are Optional/Add-Ons...


POS Hardware - Works with your salon computer

Our Unique Salon Software point of sale system typically includes a cash drawer, receipt printer and a barcode scanner that connects to your computer device. It can also optionally include a credit card swiper for credit card processing.

Receipt Printer

Super fast printing thermal receipt printer allow you to print receipts, client notes, next client appointments, gift card balances & loyalty card point balances.

Electronic Cash Drawer

All steel construction small size computerized cash drawer for your salon front desk. Opens automatically whenyou ring up a sale. Durable and secure.

Barcode Scanner

Laser High-Performance Scanner provides state-of-the-art scanning. Works well with scanning your retail items and for scanning barcoded gift & loyalty cards.


Gift & Loyalty Plastic Cards

Did you know? BIRTHDAYS are the #1 gift card occasion and with these holidays, Valentine's, Weddings, Graduations, Anniverseries,Mothers day, Fathers day, Thanksgiving Christmas, New Year, etc... It's definitely a all around year money maker. Start your Gift Card program today. 90% of your customers will purchase or receive a gift card! Get paid upfront without... providing the services right away!!! Why let them buy it elsewhere? Plastic Gift Cards outsell paper gift certificates hands down.

Gift Cards is A Multi billions-per-year phenomenon. Merchants of all types and sizes are selling Gift Cards. Clothing stores, hardware stores, bookstores, office supplies, hardware stores and more... sells Gift Cards to gain new customers and increase revenue. Get Instant Referrals - by selling your own Salon Gift Cards Your customers will buy it for their friends and family insuring you a new customer. But there's only one way to find out what gift cards will do for your business....You have to try it and watch how your customers respond. One thing you can be assured of if you don't have them, then they will spend their money somewhere else.

We design and produce affordable gift & loyalty cards to go with your Unique Software. Our gift card package comes with 250 Gift Cards, 250 Card holders & 250 Envelopes. All 750 items for $195 with Free Design & Free Shipping. Allow your Clients to buy their Holiday Gifts from your Salon.. Contact us for more info - Click here.


Text Message Blasting Service

If you want to reach your clients fast the best and fastest way to reach them is by text messaging blasting. You already have your customers cell phone numbers, now what? Most salons are sitting on a gold mine but does not know what to do or how...

Almost every text that you send is quickly read by your customers. As a matter of fact over 90% of text will be read in 15 minutes. Text message blasting is a very effective way to reach your clients fast so that they can come into your salon for services that will increase your salon income. Get started today contact us.


Credit Card Processing

Integrated Credit Card Processing Made Easy. Really Easy... In Unique Salon Software

Rate As Low As 1.58%

  • Guaranteed Lower Rate

  • No Contract

  • No Excessive Fees

  • No Setup Fee

  • 99% Approval Ratings

  • EMV & Apple Pay Ready

  • No Obligation Quote

  • Fully Integrated in Unique Software

  • 1 Day Account Deposit

Contact us for a Free No Obligation Quote - Click Here



Get a full featured, results oriented affordable salon website today! Stand out from the crowd of competitors with a modern and professional salon website design that looks great on all devices including your smartphone.

Your salon website will be an awesome design with conversions in mind, each page has an end goal to get your clients to take action! That is to book an appointment or call. We include free (SEO)optimization for search engine inclusion using your top keywords. We get you listed on Google, Yahoo, Bing and more!

A well designed logo is an essential part of a salon's marketing strategy. Our professional logo service is included free. Also included is our free transfer service of your existing domain (YourCompany.com), email address and an included google location map and a contact us email form.

We also include social Media Integration including facebook & twitter. Web hosting and website maintainance are also available. Minor changes to your website are included for free. Call 1 (800) 386-4783

Contact us for a Free No Obligation Quote - Click Here


Salon Mentorship & Coaching

Our Salon & Spa Mentorship program is a personal development system, wherby we will help guide you through the decisions necessary to grow your business once and forever. Our vast knowlege and experience as past salon owners will help you learn and develop salon business insights.

Get ready for a vast transmission of knowlege.

  • You'll gain from our expertise

  • Receive critical feedback in key areas, such as communications, interpersonal relationships, salon management, and leadership skills.

  • Develop a sharper focus on what you need to grow professionally within your salon.

  • Learn specific skills and knowledge that are relevant to your salon and personal goals.

  • Gain knowledge about your salon culture and unspoken rules that can be critical for success and therefore adapting you more quickly for growth.

  • You'll have a friendly ear with which to share frustrations as well as successes.

Contact our Salon & Spa Mentorship team for more information. - Click Here


Do I have to pay extra for support and updates?

Support & updates are absolutely free, as long as your monthly account is in good standings. You can submit a support ticket or call us toll free at 1-800-586-4783 Toll FREE.

Am I stuck in a long term contract?

Absolutely Not... There is no contract and you can cancel at anytime.
Just give us a 30 day notice via email and that's it.

Do I have to pay extra for text message reminders?

Not at all. Your account comes with unlimited automatic text messages reminders included
so that you customers wil be alerted for their appointment prior to their visit.

I don't want the whole staff to know how I'm doing.

Unique Software has several built-in levels of password protection.
That means that you - and you alone - determine who has
access to the program's confidential data.

Why should I purchase Unique Salon Software?

First, Unique is very affordable and very easy to use. We have always had
a different attitude on making our software cost effective.

Can this system handle different rates of compensation?

Absolutely! Unique Software calculates straight salary, hourly,
straight commission, sliding scale and step scale commission.

Here is what our customers say about Unique Software

Highly Recommended
- Hermie, Online Review

"We love our Unique sofware. Training my employees
was a piece of cake. I'll tell all my salon friends about your software. It has been a dream come true. Happy! -- H.F. "

Awesome Software
- Tiffany, Online Review

"I look at several other salon software packages, but when I looked at the Unique software, it was the only one that make sense. I am not a computer nerds, I am just a hair stylist. Without your Unique software, I don't know what I would have done. Thank you for a great product and great service.-- T. B"

Easy To Use
- Rita, Online Review

"This was the next best decision I have made since opening our salon. Your Unique Salon software is powerful and easy to use. I should have done this a long time ago.-- R. A"