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"Why should I purchase Unique salon software?"

First, Unique is very affordable and it comes Network Ready at no extra cost.  We have always had a different attitude on price . There is a lease and a pay in full option plan. There are no Credit check, No application  and No interest. All you need is a small down payment with a Valid Credit card or your business Checking account. If you compare Unique software with other software packages, feature-for-feature, you actually get more from our affordable package. Also it's one of the very few Salon Software that we know of that has a full integrated accounting system with an Income Statement and Balance sheet built-in. Most other salon programs will require you to buy QuickBooks or some other type of bookkeeping software.

See our price info page for more details.  
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"The computer programs I've seen so far are way too complicated for us.  What about Unique salon software?"                                            

It was designed by a salon owner to handle the special needs of Hair, Nail, Day Spa and Tanning Salons. It's not a worked-over version of a system written for other businesses, as many of the salon programs are. Nor is it a too-simple point-of-sale & accounting program that doesn't tell you anything about how well your business is doing. The thing that makes Unique Salon Software especially easy to use is that its fully menu driven and it shows you what to do. You won't ever have that "how did I end up here?" feeling that complicated & Less sophisticated programs give you.    Back to Top                                      

"How much training is needed to run the program?  And when does the information go into the computer, after work, on the weekend or what?"

The instruction manual and the online help is excellent. It takes you step-by-step through the initial set-up, a onetime procedure that will take perhaps 30 minutes of your time. Enter your services, employee codes, and a miscellaneous retail item number and your sales tax rate, to ring up retail sales until you get all of your inventory in. You can enter your client information as they come into the salon ... and you are ready... that's it... Unique has the capability of logging directly into your computer via the internet and make changes as necessary or to demonstrate a particular feature of the software to get you up and running. In other words we can remotely control your computer from our location while you watch and talk with a support personnel over the phone... Really Cool...      

Once that's completed you can teach the basic day-to-day operation of the Unique Salon Software to staff members in a matter of a few minutes or so. The program was developed for use by people who have no computer training whatsoever. In most situations the receptionist handles it.

Ideally, Unique Salon Software is used as a point-of-sale system. In this way most of the information that the computer program needs is process at the time a sales transaction (haircut, perm, facial, manicure, retail product sale, etc.) is rung up, just as you would with a regular cash register. Then, at the end of the day, it takes another four to six minutes of your time to count your money & close out the register sales and go home. That's it!     Back to Top

"What if I don't want to have the computer right in the salon work area itself?"

That's okay. A lot of our customers started out with the computer located back in the office or at home. You lose the benefit of the instant input at the time of the sale, but it's a good way to get going. However, once they see how smoothly the system works, most users put the computer system out front. To fully utilize the Unique Salon Software at the front desk, a cash drawer & printer that attaches to your computer is available.     Back to Top 

"I don't want the whole staff to know how I'm doing."

Unique salon Software has several built-in levels of password protection. That means that you - and you alone - determine who has access to the program's confidential data. You can just activate certain passwords to work only in certain areas of the program.     Back to Top

"My books are done by an accountant.  Does becoming computerized mean I have to go it alone?"

Just the reverse. Many, many Unique Salon Software programs have been sold on the enthusiastic recommendation of accountants who reviewed the program and urged their clients to make the move into computerization. With your computerized reports in hand, your accountant can sit down with you as necessary to take a look at where your business is head­ing. That's a far better investment of your money than paying for number-crunching alone.    Back to Top

"I can see that a computer  would make the bookkeeping easier.  But how will that help me run my salon better?"

As you already know, bookkeeping alone won't teach you much about how to make more money. Unique Salon Software goes far beyond merely keeping track of income and expenses. It gives you vital up-to-the-second management information that you probably never had before. Like measuring employee productivity. Keeping track of response to ads and coupons. Watching over your retail product inventory. And producing reports that are easy to under­stand and act upon.   Back to Top 

"We're a full-service salon. Can this system handle different rates of compensation for staff members in the different departments and show me how each is performing?"

Absolutely. You can track the activity of all separate departments. And Unique Salon Software doesn't care if someone is paid straight salary, hourly, straight commission, or a sliding commission. Station rental calcula­tions are easily handled, and salon surcharges can be automatically calculated.     Back to Top

"What information will I know about my clients?"

All of the basic things like address, home and work phones, birth date and so on. It will tell you all the clients who did not come back for a specific service within a specific time. It tells you who are your new clients so that you can send them a welcome card. It will help you manage your clients in ways you never dreamed of. Most salons are looking for new clients, but if they could manage their in-house clients, they would be better off. For example, in a matter of seconds the system will tell you all the clients that have a birthday this month. Send them a card! That's power you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Unique Salon Software also maintains individual perm and hair coloring records and automatically totals up the amount of money each client has spent with you during the year. It also has a Day-Spa module that can be used by Day-Spas, Massage Parlors, Tanning and Facial Salons to keep track of your client visits and to let you know how many visits they have left, based on the service package they purchased.

Mailings are a snap to get out because the program prints labels and post cards according to your specifications. With all of the drudgery gone out of direct mail advertising, you'll do it much more often ... and that alone will bring in more than enough new business to pay for the software and save you time.    Back to Top

"What kind of computer system do I need?"

Unique Salon Software runs on a Pentium III or above computer system that will run WINDOWS 8/7/ XP/VISTA operating system (which includes most brands). Your system will need at least 4 Gigs of memory and at least 200 Megs of free hard drive space for the Unique Software and data storage. Computers with these capabilities are just about standard equipment today. You will also need a page printer to print out reports and mailing labels.

Optional Hardware:
Includes a Receipt Printer - Bar Code Scanner - Cash Drawer. The Cash Drawer and the receipt printer will be connected via a single USB port. Internet access is not necessary but it will be a great asset for your technical support and updates. Unique has the capability of logging in directly into your computer and make changes as necessary or to demonstrate a particular feature of the software to get you up and running.     Back to Top

"We have a very large salon.  Do you have a network version that will allow us to use multiple computers.?"

Depending on the Unique Salon Software version you purchased will dertermine if you have network capability or not. Please call for more details.   Back to Top

"What about updates and technical support?"

Unique comes with standard toll-free support and updates. See the "Order or Pricing" page for details.    Back to Top


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