Email Confirmation

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Appointment Email  Confirmation



Email Confirmation is a great way to confirming your clients appointment. For this to really work well you must have collected your clients email addresses in their client record. This option allows you to send a custom email, which includes the date, the time, the service and which employee the client is going to see for their schedule



The appointment email confirmation module is very easy to use. There are three major criteria's for using the custom email-messaging module.


1.You must have Internet access.


2.Although it's not required we do recommend that you have Microsoft outlook as your default email client and that it's        functioning correctly. You can send your self a test email to one of your personal email addresses and then validate that you received it. (If you are not sure about this call your Internet service provider for help. They are the only one that will have your account information.)


3.Your clients must have a valid email address.


Once you select the appointment email confirmation option with the appropriate date the Unique software will automatically select all the clients that have an appointment for that or the next day and only the clients that have a valid email address.


There is also an option for you to make your own selection. For example you may want to select all the clients for that week or that month. Just set the dates and click on the “PROCESS” button. The entire client for the specified date range will be selected.


The next step is to use the select Everyone button to select all the clients to whom you will be sending emails.


The next step is to select or compose a message to send to your clients. Select the 'Compose/Review

Message' button or if you already have a message set up you can pick one from the drop down menu.


After you select the 'Compose/Review Message' button you can Add, Edit or Find a message.


To add a new message, select add. At this point you can write a general message to send to your clients.


Generating Custom or mail merge messages


A mail merge message is a custom message that is totally dependant on your client-personalized information.

For example the clients' birth date, name address etc.


Salon Appointment confirmation example



Dear #First# #Last#,



Your next appointment will be on #Appt_date# at #appt_Time# for your #Appt_Desc#. service.


Please be on time!


Your friends at Salon 123


Okay, so you are wondering what is this #First# and #Last#. Well those are tags that pull the personalized information,

from the clients record.


Here is what these mean:


#First#                -First Name

#Last#-                -Last Name

#Birth_Dt#                -Birth Date

#Appt_Date#        -Appointment Date

#Appt_Time#        -Appointment Time

#Appt_Desc#        -Appointment Description


As you can see the tags are representations of the personalized client information. To access these tags, select the  drop down Tag button. Click on the tag element you will like to insert in your letter. After you are satisfied with the generation of your letter, you can then save it to a file name that relates to the letter for usage in the future.


Note: These tags are very self-explanatory. They are all provided from your client data and appointment data tables.


The next step is to send your email message. You'll then make sure that the message is in the "Email Message To Send" Box. You'll finally click on the 'Send Emails" Button. At this point the custom or general message will be send to each client.


Note: You can select the "Review Message To Be Send" button to validate each message before sending. This is a manual and hence a slower process. One you have build confidence that what you're doing is correct, there will be no need to review each message.



Select the "Quick Help" button on the email screen for more specific help on doing your email campaigns.