New Upgrade for Unique Windows Version Users

Easily add powerful 2018 features from $195 Yearly

Automatic Client Appointment Text & Email Reminders


Eliminate client no-shows & Reduce cancellations

  • Automatically send 1 day advance Booking Text Message "Appointment Reminders".

  • Automatically Send "Book Soon Text Notifications" to remind clients to book their next appointment.

  • Automatically send new clients a "Welcome" message.

  • Automatically send "Thank You" messages, after client checkout.

  • Automatically send "Haven't Seen You" messages to clients that have not returned.

  • Automatically & daily send each employee their updated schedule to their smart phone.

  • Automatically send a 7 day advance "Birthday" email message to your clients.

  • Automatically send a special "Birthday" text message on
    the day of your clients birthday. (It's just like you personally sent it from your smart phone)

  • Easily create specific salon service email promotions. (e.g -Email a special to all hair cut clients)

  • Quick Text Sender - Send any client a text message at anytime directly from Unique Software

Let New Text Message Appointment Reminders Grow Your Salon Business for an additional $195 Yearly...


Would you like to access the salon computer from home

Have you ever wanted to access a customer phone number, but you at home and you cannot access the salon computer.
Well now you can. No more trips to the salon. - You can now log into the salon computer from home just like you were sitting
at the salon front desk. You can book appointments, you can order products, you can run payroll, you can run reports & more...

  • No more driving in the snow trying to get your info

  • Do it all from your home computer

  • Send email promotions from home.

  • You can even use your iPad or cell phone

  • Aslo print your reports & More!!!

  • No more driving in traffic


Other Updated Features You Need to Know About

  • Email your clients a receipt for services rendered or retail purchases.

  • Email your clients a credit card receipt of their purchase.

  • Updated & faster appointment Bookings.

  • Single click client Check-out directly from the Appointment book

  • Book mutiple appointments at once (Faster & Easier bookings)

  • Client Loyalty rewards tracking system

  • Better Emailing capabilities with photos & attachments

  • Text Messaging capabilities

  • Dozens of additional & flexible reports

  • And More...

Benefits of the 2018 Unique Software Upgrade

Unique Software allows your salon to compete with other salons by being more swift and agile. Additionally, your salon is able to respond to changes faster than other salons. Years ago, it took days to communicate with clients via our postal mail services. Today, with the advent of texting & emailing, information is shared at an astounding rate. This saves time, offering you the ability to make decisions faster.

While the most obvious benefit of our Unique Software technology in your salon is increased productivity which translates into huge savings there are some other benefits that can help the bottom line as well. When you communicate with your clients via automation it allows them to respond quickly hereby increasing your revenue sooner than later.

An updated Unique Software allows your salon to automate certain functions that historically have required the need to manually perform the task. This gives you the ability to focus on strategy and to cut down on marketing expenses. Finally automatically messaging your clients provides a valuable service which reaches them quickly and demonstrates to them how much you care.

A simple text message reminder one day before the appointment can be of enormous benefit to your bottom line. When a client forgets and does not show up for an appointment, you lose money. You can solve this issue quickly for pennies by updating your current Unique Software to the latest version. No-show appointments if not addressed will continue to hurt your salon business, let the new update help you solve this problem now.

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